Apology to Alpha X

I logix am very sorry for my actions on the Alpha X server. This topic will serve as my apology for abusing staff in the server. First of all, I was promoting people I like and demoting people I do not like. I recently just realized how bad of a decision that was and regret it. Applebee has been treating me quite well in LumbSmasher and that was how I realized how bad I was treating people in Alpha X. Next, I constantly wanted revenge on the server which I also regret. I am sorry for my actions.

LOL U WEIRD BRO :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:



Join back alpha x

I guess you do well in my server but after I tried unbanning you, everyone flamed backā€¦

ok we heard that already

i bet thats the server where ur gonna go make fun of me lmao

What? I can give you a second chance but you mess anything up you are out of the server https://discord.gg/9Bh9N45

there is no way for you to unban me since my old account is disabled

Are you stupid, we can still go into bans and unban the disabled account. Or just use a VPN lmfaoooo

i said dont in discord already but explaining, when you try to join on an other account it will autoban you if you have the same ip, and one thing for everyone to know here, i do not have alts and never will