Ban appeal

Discord Tag : ! Jake#6666
User ID : 499000625535778847
Moderator that banned you : lil shadow#0001 (841315105584578580)
And the reasoning of your ban : nword

so like i was just chilling and chat so then i saw a admin say the n word so then I deicide to say it and i got a warming btw I didn’t say it to anyone i just typed it out so then after I got a warming I didn’t say it again then like 10 mins later I got banned and when i said it i was just joking and this script is one of my fav scripts and i really love it and if you guys give me a chance to come back I will never break a rule again i already learned my lesson.

Sincerely ,
Jackobstrong text

accepted, lucky because todd accepts n word appeals otherwise its not possible.

thank you so much man

ok so I in evaded when i was blacklisted is it any possible way I could pay so i can get unblacklisted for envadtion?