Large mansion

          ID 612645963da4a3d3b9130412

not completely finished but really elegant on the inside

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can you do a completed no gamepass mansion?;_;

no you need to get all passes sadly

Can you build me one?
I’ll pay

Sure ill do it you got discord?

can u do for me as well

Yeah sure you got discord?

stop posting stuff if its not finished theres no point


I Sent a request

when will this be finished? pls reply

Its not that hard to finish it yourself, like calm down. If you’re that bad at building that you cant even finish it off why are you playing bloxburg?

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can anyone send a 100,000 bloxburg base id (no gamepass pls)
reward : 50,000

can u build me this house i have more than 1 m but I don’t have any game passes except premium?


Can you make me 1?

could u build for me?

sheesh must take like only 1 year to build legit