LumbSmasher (A Lumber Tycoon 2 GUI) [Official Thread][Exploit Script]

LumbSmasher is a Lumber Tycoon 2 script with many features. It works with ProtoSmasher, Synapse X, Sentinel, and Sirhurt
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Features - Lumber Tycoon 2
Anti TP Bypass
Bring Wood
Annoy Server
Kick Player
Bringing End Times Tree without loosing axes
Mod Wood
Auto Buy
Drag Mod (lets you drag a big tree)
Wire Mod (lets you place wires through walls)
Burn Tool (burn people’s stuff)
Car Pitch Mod
Auto-Build (also buys purchasable structures and places them)
Auto-Build Progress Saving (since autobuilds take a long time)
Full Bright (also changes ambience, not just the time of day)

Features - Jailbreak
Instant Interaction (no waiting for the press e prompts)
Arrest All
Mod Guns (inf bullets and auto fire)
Mod Taser (inf taser)
Delete Doors
Annoy Server