[Release] Bloxburg Epic Thing Cracked

Hello Everyone,
Since my paid script BETSmasher was cracked by Sor and INTROVERT, I decided to make and release a Bloxburg Epic Thing Cracked. In order to use this, you MUST have Synapse X. Due to how BET works, it will not support other executors.

Edit: There’s a new way to use this crack. Just download https://dogix.wtf/x/BETCrackLoader.exe and run it as admin. Then you can run the scripts. (It’s not obfuscated and you can dnspy it if you want to)

To use the crack, you first have to change your hosts file.You can download add-host.bat (995 Bytes) and run it as admin or follow the steps below:

Run Notepad as Administrator.
Then, File–>Open File and paste C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc into the top bar. Change the selection from “Text Documents” to “All Files” and open the file called hosts. On the very bottom of the file, add this to it and save.       sor.cool

After that, you need to download and install my self-signed SSL certificate.
In order to do that, download sorscoolcertificate.crt (1.3 KB)

After you download it, open the file and hit “Install Certificate”, then “Local Machine” , then select “Place this certificate in the following store”, then hit browse and choose “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”

Once the certificate is installed, and the hosts file is changed, you can use the normal BET script, but with any key/id/hwid.



Private Bet ($50 Autofarm)

Note: You might want to put this in auto-exec so you can take advantage of the re-joining.

shared.AutofarmOptions = {
    PrivateServer = {
      Enabled = false; -- the autofarm kicks less in private servers
      Code = nil; -- leave as nil to go to a random private server, change to "YOURCODEHERE" to go to your own
    Other = {
      ShowStats = true; -- show stats
      StopAtAmount = math.huge; -- stop at cash amount, leave as math.huge to never stop
    ServerHop = {
      Enabled = true; -- if you want to server hop or not
      Increment = 1200; -- how many seconds to wait to server hop

nice cracked script

Ah the ROBLOX exploit community will always serving karma 24 hours a day 7 days a week

why the hell would you need to edit ur host file like system32 is the running system of the pc,

spoofs sor’s server to mine in order to crack it

but why spoof

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ehh idrk i dont trust editing my system32 for betprivate (cuz i own bet from like 4 months ago)

If I don’t spoof it, it’ll go to sor’s server and deny auth, how else should I do it?

cant you make a custom key for the script so the people can use it?

Look up here ^^^

No? Introvert can blacklist that

oh dam, never mind

nothing happens when i execute it

When your script gets cracked
Introvert / sor: DDoSing is the solution

LMFAO uwu owo

this forum is now dead

Just a question but why are you spoofing the server?

The script has a whitelist protection, in order to bypass the whitelist, Applebee had to spoof the server to his so he can return a response that is always a valid whitelist. If the server isn’t spoofed, then you wouldn’t be able to get past the whitelist.

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