[Status Update] LumbSmasher Discord

As of 2:41 PM PDT, which is ~9 hours ago from the time this topic is posted, the LumbSmasher Discord was deleted due to a report sent to Discord’s Trust and Safety. Victims of this deletion include the server itself, @Trintous’s Main Discord Account, and the LumbSmasher Bot. If anyone knows who did it, it would be nice if you could PM me here on these forums, or DM me at applebee#3071.

As with the server, LumbSmasher is NOT discontinued and a new server is underway. I will keep you posted on this topic regarding the new server so if you want info, subscribe to this topic. Sorry for the late response to the server deletion.

The new discord server is currently staff-only. Once enough testing is done and it is deemed to be secure from abuses (@everyone permissions, and that sorts), it will be open for joining.

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