Why whitelist system?

why is there a whitelist system if the script is free ?
is it to get more people in the discord ?
is it to reduce the chance of it being cracked ?


It’s mainly so people stop spreading the script over v3rm with re-rel and then attempt to take credit for the thing. That’s what happens if you obfuscate it but still allow distribution. If it’s unobfuscated, matters get worse and people will start copying parts of it without permission.

Why make it available for only paid executors when it would work fine with free shit (dumped ur constants)

Work fine with free shit? Excuse me, what free exploit can detour_function, http_request (not game:HttpGet), can cframe other objects, getgenv() without crashing?

Def a way to trap people into making a community

whitelists make the script look more PROFESSIONAL yesyesyes

free shit only for skids

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proxo brug also since i gotta grt this sht to 20 chars ur site is aids kinda