Category Topics


The LumbSmasher Category for everything related to LumbSmasher. You can ask for help, appeal bans/blacklists and reply to the suggestion topic to make suggestions. Anything related to the LumbSmasher script belongs here.


All about ProtoSmasher. Talk about your ProtoSmasher UI Releases, ask your questions, do anything here as long as its legal and relates to ProtoSmasher. You may also use this category for ProtoSmasher Support if you have questions using ProtoSmasher.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Talk about selling and trading goods/services here. As long as you are not scamming, you are allowed to advertise your services. If you want a middlemen, contact staff. As we gain more members, a list of middlemen will be posted here. Please message the @staff group if you want to file a scam report!


Create topics for all the memes you want here, as long as it isn’t a re-post and that it is appropriate. Everyone can reply to posts in this section, but only people with Trust Level 2 can post due to the fact that people will spam shitposts. Have Fun!


This category is all about Roblox, wether it’s normal gameplay or exploiting or selling items. Feel free to advertise your Roblox trade deals or show off your gameplay records. Please refrain from scamming other people though.(You will be suspended for scamming) If there’s anything else you want to see here, feel free to suggest it in the suggestions category.