[Bloxburg] big as hell modern mantion

listen idk about yall but for sum reason why the base is getting bulid it wont remove the grass on the lawn which makes makes it glitchy and the bad part about it u cant delete the grass and its a shame because its a beautiful house but man the grass glitch ruins upon the pool glitch as well so with that being said the house is not for me even tho i want this house really bad i cant because its a buggy mess and glitchy mess

What are the gampasses for this?

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Just built it and this is not what i expected, the pic has a garage i dont see a garage and its not even on a hill, not even a fence, but the inside loaded in i give it a 4/10 cuz theres only 3 bedrooms aswell

he has a trump flag LMAO

bruv … wym you dont see the problem?

trash ass build

why is it trash???

because its just trash ni.gga lmao