[11/10/2021] Survey Results

Thank you for completing the survey we posted about a month ago. Your responses are really helpful. Here’s a compilation of certain inputs from the survey that we would like to clarify.

Executor Support

  • Bark, Krnl, and Synapse X take up 90% of our executor demographics. Script-Ware takes up 5%
  • We will be discontinuing support for Sentinel, ProtoSmasher, and Sirhurt
  • Fluxus support will be attempted to continue.
  • We will attempt to add support for scriptware-m as that’s the only executor for M1 CPUs.
  • JJsploit, Electron, and other executors are not supported and will stay that way.

We received lots of feature requests, however, a lot doesn’t make sense and will not be implemented.

Features that will NOT be implemented

  • Paint Tool without getting trees (it’s impossible)
  • Spawn Items (also impossible)
  • FE Bypass (stop meming, it’s almost 2022)
  • Turn on “developer” items (dunno what you mean by developer items)
  • Wood Spawning (also not possible)
  • “dido” builders (no, we are not making this script a nsfw tool for you pedophiles)
  • Discontinuation of Bark Executor (that’s our only revenue, you can expect discontinuation of bark if you choose that)
  • Additional LT2 Save Slots (impossible)
  • Bypass Damage in End-Times region (impossible without eye, could add bring tree)
  • No Axe Swing Cooldown (impossible)
  • Admin Panel (no one has it now)
  • Force Whitelist (not possible)
  • Buy Squidward Painting (you can’t get it without 2016 gift items)
  • Bully Children Feature

Features Suggested that already exist

  • Destroy Items Tool
  • Money Dupe
  • MaxLand Dupe (check self dupe)
  • Paint Tool (look at legit paint)
  • AutoBuild (there’s room for improvement)
  • Wood Building
  • “Highly Detailed” wire arts (it’s as detailed as the author makes it)
  • Duplicating Boxed Items (duping already does that)

Features put into consideration

  • Box Sorter
  • Better Autobuild System
  • Roblox Studio Autobuild
  • Wire Mod (infinite length, going through walls)
  • Custom Amount for Money Dupe
  • Loop Money Dupe
  • Build Mode on whitelisted users

applebee cock licker confirmed 2022

me when your mother

so when is that Fe bypass coming please its all i want for christmas i will let your parents out from my basement if u add

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yes please I’ve been wanting it since 2016

Box Sorter and Wire Mod sounds very good!