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This category is used for ban appeals, to appeal a ban.
If a ban is not accepted, please do not spam as we will just ignore you and you will end up with a blacklist
If you get blacklisted/banned for breaking a rule, depending on the rule you broke you would most likely not be able to appeal

Use the following paragraphs for a longer description, or to establish category guidelines or rules:

  • This category is for BAN APEALS ONLY, any misuse of this category will result in a Deletion and warnings/silencing

  • This category is different from the others as this is to APPEAL bans only

  • The topics in this category should usually contain

    Discord Tag
    User ID
    Moderator that banned you
    And the reasoning of your ban

  • As stated ANY form off false usage will result in a Deletion and warnings/silencing

jjland614#4227 (800771535886352455)
blacklist evasion and hard n

Using an alt account, to join a call where someone wanted help

Waffles#3420 (266664687997812736)
I said the n word, I said it because I stupidly didn’t read the rules or ask anyone if the word was allowed or not. I just assumed that because it was an exploit related server that the word was allowed because in most exploit related servers they don’t care and aren’t very strict about it. I’m deeply sorry and would love to keep using this amazing script. I hope this clears some stuff up and I can be whitelisted again.
Thank you.

i got banned because i said my age and please i need to get unbanned

So you’re under 13 according to what you’re saying here?

Status ad, I forgot to remove it.

I’m a server booster tho

KieranDaPro#9999 (337615688116076544)
dmed them a sever link (by mistake)

@applebee PLS HELP

i accidently leaked my key 1 month ago cause i was dumb and someguy said i need to leak my
key for someone to help me im sorry i didn’t knew that and it was the best script for me before when there was an autobuild
i hope i get unbanned soon and get whitelisted
That’s all i have.

Status advertise, I promise I will never put a status advertisement in my status.

Alloe C#3755 (305609102674100225)
blacklist evasion and hard r

Discord Tag: Linns prettyboy<3#0001
User ID: 647853755403993088
Moderator that banned you: unknown
And the reasoning of your ban: I got ban by masterzz for the reason “fuck off” and than I get unban like 2 or 1 week after than join back and ask to talk to highstaff because it was a false ban reason a ping one they say whats your problem I tell them the issue and who did it they said that’s the owner now I gotta ban you, like for what exact reason am I being ban AGAIN because I wanted to talk to highstaff about a false ban reason?

@applebee :cold_sweat:

applebee#3071 (834250155922030642)
encouraging people to bypass chat in bloxburg-base-sharing

Hello Applebee,or devs,i know that i said that u can bypass words or something,it was my mistake,i know,i wasnt very smart about it,but i am terribly sorry,i would love to be on the discord server again,and i promise that i wont do it again,never,it will be an honor to let me on your server,everyone needs an second chance,i hope you see this,and,have an great day!(i am sorry if my english is not too good)

King Regards,bloodmoon

Apple Bot#9975
I sent an invite to another group on the LumberSmasher group
I hope I’ll be unbanned soon and I’ll never do it again

Discord Tag : ! Jake#6666
User ID : 499000625535778847
Moderator that banned you : lil shadow#0001 (841315105584578580)
And the reasoning of your ban : nword

so like i was just chilling and chat so then i saw a admin say the n word so then I deicide to say it and i got a warming btw I didn’t say it to anyone i just typed it out so then after I got a warming I didn’t say it again then like 10 mins later I got banned and when i said it i was just joking and this script is one of my fav scripts and i really love it and if you guys give me a chance to come back I will never break a rule again i already learned my lesson.

Sincerely ,

bumbo#3600 (816782732028936237)
status ad
May i please get unbanned, i promise i won’t do it again.

! P3dR0#0001
Alloec#4345 (727103738438877187)

i was banned bcuz a owner thought i was 12 im 13 born 2008 june 12 i joined yesterday he told me to show id but I didn’t want to i got scared so i just didn’t talk, then i got banned.