About the Marketplace category

Talk about selling and trading goods/services here. As long as you are not scamming, you are allowed to advertise your services. If you want a middlemen, contact staff. As we gain more members, a list of middlemen will be posted here. Please message the @staff group if you want to file a scam report!

In order to prevent scammers, you must need Trust Level 1 in order to post in this category.
To be Trust Level 1, you need to be a registered user spending 10 minutes reading at least 30 posts on this forum.

Your chances of getting scammed are lower with Trust Level 2 users, which have much higher requirements. (There are only 28 Trust Level 2 users on this forum as of 03/26/2021 and the requirements will remain hidden to avoid people farming accounts)
List of TL2 users

To view someone’s Trust Level, you can check their profile and inspect the Trust Level field. Basic User is Trust Level 1 and member is Trust Level 2.

If you want to have proof for everything, use the on-site PM system, which staff have access to and can view all logs.