Action without Evidence

Recently your “owner” Anna, demoted three staff because they were “supposedly” removing reactions. When asked for evidence, she mentioned that only 3 support staff have permissions to remove reactions. What she doesn’t know, is that there are 20 other administrators that could have removed these reactions. Instead of finding evidence herself, she asks the people that she demoted to find evidence that they did not remove these reactions. Do you think Anna acted upon this situation professionally and correctly?

Anna’s Actions
  • Yes, Anna did everything correctly.
  • No, Anna did not do everything correctly.

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tfw youre too retarded to plug in the other person’s pov xd

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you edit the message and put your POV

this whole situation is stupid tbh :Vibe:

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cuz ur not affected to it

Honestly could care less but yeah I’m here :ez:

no its still stupid

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wdym ? that anna is doing things wrong ? or cuz we all blaming for our roles

no i just think the whole situation is stupid

you’re right then

cocaine pogu

mewski is pog so yea

what is happening btw?