Alpha X v2.5 Suggestions

Reply to this topic with all the suggestions you have for Alpha X.
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Suggestion: Add Bloxburg Autobuild Preview.

Please do not post duplicate suggestions (if someone else already suggested something, then don’t suggest it again).
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find or make a arcade empire script

Please make a script for Site 76-Prison Anomalies ( [SCP] Site-76: Prison Anomalies - Roblox )

Maybe a script for Foundation to teleport spawning items or to the player
Or a script for foundation/chaos soilder to spam release scp’s without doing anything.

Suggestion - Bloxburg: Add option to auto boost mood by using already owned Blockbux.

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Suggestion - Try Or Make a roblox executor so then when executors get patched we have one to use from yall/

Add Vega x support as it’s the only one I can get working

Save setting feature

suggestion: add a ninja legends 2 script with all the features, like autofarm, kill players, etc.

suggestion: add auto farm money into mad city


Add A Bender’s Will 2 GUI, auto farm it has about 1.1k playerbase normally!

Adopt me event trigger {functions} for eat, drink, sleep, shower, school and others, would be nice to create selection.button or skip button where players can choose to skip do that task. Sleep and shower doesn’t recognize all pet bed and shower need to add more recognition to different beds and showers. In the roblox UI it named crib and tub sometimes.

can you add bee swarm simulator and etc

It’d be cool to see an Anime Fighting Simulator GUI.

On the auto build u should find a way to add all the decals from the build it self

add a robeats script
with auto perfect and auto farm for the coins and that

Suggestion : Counter blox Auto-trade if it is possible

Please add a Theme Park Tycoon 2 Script. It is not a paid game. These are the suggested features for the script. Autobuild/Load A park, Copy someone elses park. You guys have already made similar scripts like the ones ive stated and it would be nice to see them in theme park tycoon 2. I have also never seen scripts for this game.

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Suggestion: adopt me baby auto farm compatible with pet auto farm

The idea is cool, but it would be cooler, if the option was to auto boost mood WITHOUT using already owned Blockbux