Apple banned me for saying he's s m o l

aha yes loL

plz apple learn how to take a joke :(((((((((( saying ur small ISN’T a bad thing AND SAYING THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M A b i t c h

k thx

You really had to post this here? You were banned for being extremely annoying at that time. Learn to take responsibilities for your actions.

@Aizyy When you say something, learn to take your responsibilities.

Appeal Denied Permanently Banned :smile:

Vinorix out


You could have taken it and apologized, about it, then it would have been all sorted out and you would have been unbanned…

Knowing you, with me apologizing nothing would happen, just get ignored and look like an idiot following what you say

And I know that for the fact, that I’ve been abused for 8+ Months lmfao and not only you, all your staff members

Do you really think I am that type of a person? Well, I try not to be and most of the time you are banned for fun/joking.

fun/joking for you, and if you say saying you’re small is ANNOYING Imagine how ANNOYING it’s to get kicked everytime you do nothing, talk with others in the chat trying to just S O C I A L I Z E and be friends, you know why am I a " bitch " and a " dick " ? Because no one gives a 1% of respect to me, you showed your staff that I’m worth nothing… I’m just in the server to be the muppet of everyone

And you’ll ask… then why am I in the server? Y’know I don’t give up kinda easily, I mostly try to fix the shit up, but with your server… it’s impossible

Fine: (btw if I am really that type of person I would have already deleted your post and banned you from this forum)

@Aizyy just say sorry bro, its that simple

I took a chill pill already, idk if @Aizyy did though

I’ll use that pill everyday, but if I get kicked / abused 1 single time the pill with be gone from my life

wonderful. So wonderful.

Stop fighting smh, this is getting worse

Fighting ended a while ago, quite late to the party.