Apple Bot - A Discord Bot

Hello, it’s time that I announce a bot that I have been spending a lot of time working on. The name is Apple Bot. Currently, this bot is in PUBLIC BETA and issues ARE expected while you use the bot. If you do encounter an bug while using the bot, please report them in our support server here. (The invite is

If you would like to make a suggestion, either reply to this topic or just post it in the suggestions channel of our Discord server.

Invite the bot to your server with This Link

Moderation commands that can help make the lives of moderators easier.
Customizable settings to make the bot more flexible for your server. This includes disabling certain commands.
Music Module that has a set of robust tools to play songs right in your server’s voice channels.
Logging module that can log events like deleted messages and member bans.
Fun Module that can bring some fun to your server.
Utilities Module that contains many helpful utilities in making your life easier.

New to discord? Use This Invite Link to view the support server without an Discord account.