Hi, I was looking to auto-build a Mansion in BloxBurg that needed a Basement game pass and a Large Plot Gamepass, But I don’t have either of those passes.

#Q1: So My question is, Will the auto-build still work if I go ahead and do it without those passes?

Q2# Prior to the first question, If I do need the Passes in order for the base to fully build, Will the Get all game pass script work? However, The Script only does the following:

Excellent Employees: Working
Premium: Doesn’t give it
Multiple FLoors: Working
Unlocked Stereo: Client Sided
Advanced Placing: Working
Large Plot: Gives Access but doesn’t work (Not able to place anything in the extended plot)
Basement: Same with Large Plot, It gives but doesn’t allow you to put anything in it.

So would it work? Asking from someone who I assume to have already tried this.

The Get all gamepass script by the way.


Using gamepass scripts will get you banned from bloxburg. You need to buy them with robux.

Since it seems like you’ve tested it already, I suggest to stop using that account as it’ll be banned soon.

I see, I’ll use another one then

Such script doesn’t exist, it’s just a ban trap.

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You should make one

Yeah it’s not hard to make it, just do you want a free ban?


I already got one of my account ban

Is there any ways to trigger instant ban in bloxburg?

Don’t know any, but for sure calling “i” in DataManager gets you banned

Technically i got a script that works and it doesn’t ban you with the autofarm. I have tested it for about 2 weeks now and no ban, so use this to make millions in basically a night

getgenv().http_request = http_request or request or (http and http.request) or syn.request 
repeat until http_request
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I want to build a mansion with a base Id, but it does not work on bloxburg epic thing. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Bro why didn’t u add Auto Build?