Auto Builder

Hi, I’m an autobuilder, if you want me to build something for you, give me your account and the id or add me as friends and give me co-op at your bloxburg base, if you want me to auto-build, just pay me with robux or gamepasses or a script of paid if you do. you want free, you just have to be my friend and I have to like you if you don’t have to pay I don’t ask you for many robux only 400 a 300 gamepass a script like synapse or script ware and if I’m happy I’ll do it for free
I want you to make me this house: if only that you give me the house id and I occupy your account or that you give me co op in the game if you occupy me My profile is

Ill send you my discord.

Why tf would we pay you to use a script for use lmao we can easily get an executer and do it ourselves