Bacons are shitty noobs

in the first recorded encounter with a bacon the world was never the same.
there was chaos at this time. nothing but massive amounts of begging for robux, robux scams flooding the chats.
in this chaotic time there where brave heros. in this group was headed by the previous anti bacon church priest.
from the tales he has recorded he went out saving the foolish bacons reforming them into followers of the crusade against the devils pawns.
i will now read you an excerpt by the holy priest.
the world is in disorder. i only see robux scams and odders dating and foolish bacon hairs begging for robux and spamming.
we have to do something about this…
its been a while since i wrote in this . ive gathered some friends to help me try to solve this problem.
we have reported the robux scams. and it seems to have been working. the amount of scams spamming in chat has lessened.
we have found many bacons begging for robux and taught them to not beg and spam. shockingly some of them have started to join our group helping the others who where begging and spamming.
i’ll keep this work up and try to help the world by purging these mistakes…
great news we have a big group with us and the anti bacon group has grown greatly.
we are even receiving financial support by other groups, we even have coders helping us and adding anti bacon scripts into many popular games.
we will continue our growth!
that was the first entery we have found. we will continue the noble deeds of that mighty hero

bacons are shitty noobs that beg for robux, they don’t deserve to have a life and should be executed as soon as possible. Bacons are also very annoying and spam hard.

:pensive: not all bacons are shitty noobs

A lot of bacons follow me on Roblox and even spam my friend request :confused:

no.some of them are dont want robux because no one did ask me for robux 2019 to present.

Why are you bringing this thread back to life?