Ban appeal for bark

Hello everyone, as you may know you can get banned inside of the offical bark server ( Lumber Tycoon 2 Unofficial Community Server ) and i would like to point out that you can get unbanned by either making a topic about it here or joining bark server 2 ( Bark Community Server 2 ) and open a ticket there and we can see if you can get unbanned or not.

Reasons why you can’t get unbanned

  • You have been token logged (e.g. Free nitro scam)
  • saying the hard r (the fa-word is ok if it’s your first time but if happens again no appeals)
  • Self-bot
  • Using sniper of some sort
  • attempt to raid server
  • advertising a server inside a channel (custom status can be appealed but if done again no appeal)
  • Being underage (unless you show an ID to prove you are not <13 )

Everything else could be appealable