Ban Appeal

I got banned in the Bark Development server for posting a virus link, but someone gave me a virus that posted the same thing in every server I was in.
I didn’t do it.

How can you show proof you were hacked

Do you have proof that you were hacked?

SockMonke#0098 (Not sure how to see ID)
No idea who banned me
I was banned for these links that stole your steam information. I was hacked and i know that a lot of people have been hacked and the same thing happens to them. the hacker sent these links in all of the servers i was in including my own and i was banned from a lot of servers just like bark development. If you could unban my account that would be greatly appreciated. Also say i get hacked again and these same messages happen then you could just keep me banned but it shouldn’t cause i enabled 2fa

You don’t have to post on multiple threads about your ban appeal.

we don’t appeal for bans where you got hacked, your account = your responsbility