Ban appeal

I dont know where to appeal, so im doing it here.

In the alpha x discord server me and some other guys were arguing and fighting, then I said the “n word”. A few people told me I would get banned, but I didn’t believe then since we were able to curse and I thought if i said the “n word” it would count as a curse word.

I am very sorry for my mistake. Alpha x has helped me a lot in bloxburg, and I wouldn’t want to stop using it.

Give me your discord user ID so I can unban.

785293220963549194 @applebee

tell me when im unbanned @applebee

@JimmyBro you are unbanned

tbh i got banned too @applebee i am al99 and i also said the n word can i get unbanned im using alpha for so long and if always been nice and im lvl 14 and i wanted to be a supporter there so when i was talking in the chat i said the n word by mistake im really sorry i did not mean to do it please can i get unban im trying my best to get unban

send discord id

I was banned about a month ago for NSFW, I’ve contacted a moderator about an appeal and they stated “You’re perm banned and can’t appeal” which I personally think is dumb nsfw shouldn’t be a perm ban at most a week ban or so but my discord is. :trident: director#7145

From alphax

its 740113136933404673 and username is al99#5436 pls tell me when im unbanned
thanks @applebee

hello me too my id is 791423369575923743 and i got banned for my discription and i already changed i did not see the notifcations and i randomly got banned