Best roblox game to troll on?

Been wondering, what is the best roblox game to just troll on and have fun being a douche to other people on?

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Stupid condor and hangout games.

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Any game infected by a backdoor.

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Any game where the owner is too stupid and uses remotes for everything, making the game very exploitable. Good example of this is the game Prison Life.

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LGBTQ Hangout yes its good for trolling

Send some examples of that game.

Here :))

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Troll on cafe games, army games and clothing type games

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adopt me is Verrrry funny when you repeatedly trap people in strollers

Phantom forces very toxic players = best reactions i just troll on them with aimbot and stuff

The best game to troll on is because I see many people troll on it.

troll on frappe, and LGBTQ games.

lol yea such an old game what do u mean remotes tho?

remotes, aka remote events which you can fire them using exploits, a lot of jojo games use a bunch of remotes for stuff so yea

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prob some vibe, condos (don’t think there’s any more of those games), or roplay games. I like to VR troll, its one of my favorite things to troll with.

Trade hangouts

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pastriez bakery

Lab Experiment it fun to troll little kid play that game