[BETA] LumbSmasher Roblox Studio Auto-Build

LumbSmasher Auto-Build Plugin.

This plugin lets you build a base in Roblox Studio, then export it into a LumbSmasher Base ID for use in AutoBuild (comes with LumbSmasher v2)
You can get the plugin with the link below.

Don't have LumbSmasher v2?

You can join our partner at https://discord.gg/alphax and then use the .convertlumbsmasherbase command to convert it to a file format compatible with the script there. However, only blueprints will build as Alpha X does not support structures.

Note: This is a BETA release and bugs ARE anticipated! Please report any bugs by replying to this topic.


[Step 1]: Open roblox studio and install the plugin. Then, open a blank map
[Step 2]: Hit the whitelist button in the plugin toolbar and enter your key. 
[Step 3]: Enter your key and hit Login (if roblox studio prompts you, you must accept or else it will not work)
[Step 4]: Hit "Create Structure Folder" button and "Add Plot" button. There should be 2 items inserted in the workspace. When prompted for script injection, please accept or else you will run into problems in the future.
[Step 5]: Click Get Structures folder and  it should insert a folder with structures you can build with.
[Step 6]: Clone whatever structure you want saved into the "LumbSmasher Auto-Build LT2 Structure Folder [DO NOT REMOVE UNTIL SAVED]" folder. 
[Step 7]: Repeat step 6 for whatever you like and place them accordingly on the plot.
[Step 8]: Hit "Save Base" button and it should create a script with the save results of your base.

Note 2: Please avoid using rare woods like Spooky or SpookyNeon as they will most likely not exist in the server during auto-build and will instead be un-filled. Same goes for items that do not exist in stores.

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