[Bloxburg] Amazing private mansion

Amazing private mansion

Created By: EzSnipes#8595 (800021274914062346)
Base ID: 6002508c640504a4a1aefa03
Cost: $1,328,707


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This requires all gamepasses and costs around 1.3 million

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Bro, that’s actually so cool. Good job.

Kek very epic.

Also Hi Phantom :troll_face:

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How many rooms and what are the features?

omg i was in the middle of it then my pc died;/

do any of u all know a 1mil mansion with no gamepass exept for advanced lacing, please reply im broke and only have advanced placing , basement and premium . i realyyy hope some of u find one thanks and bye

where is the autobuild script???

Its not a pc if it can die lol

a laptop perhaps?

some pc can die so

Some BloxBux required