[Bloxburg] Beverly hills modern

Beverly hills modern

Created By: LiitxnMoDz#1694 (724907253920170004)
Base ID: 5ff0867f15993d8b5270ac73
Cost: $829,241


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bloxbucks. 832k cash

Is the interior decorated?

not fully the top floor is un furnished but its all painted and the rooms are planned out

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does it need advanced placing?

Iā€™m assuming it does I mean it is an 800k mansion lol

it only takes 50 minutes to finish if u fast build it will take 20 but the inside is not done so just wait the 50 minutes also takes 1m to finish house

no garage?

anyone can build for me?

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hi im avaible but u need to give me 10k after bc its gonna take long to build text me when u have seen this hv <3

maybe i have no clue