[Bloxburg] Finished Hotel ( price Unknown )

Finished Hotel ( price Unknown )

Created By: XDCollen#8050 (284785277812342785)
Base ID: 5ff0d3df69d13bca94784672
Cost: $1,323,466


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Finished hotel

Hello its full furnished?

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pictures id?

yes it is i just build it in it is amazing

How much does this build cost

1.3 Million

What gamepasses?

1.3 million

Advance placing, no large plot basements too.

I thought this was a hospital because of the left where you enter with your car

Over all it was a outstanding project for 1.3 million dollars but I’d give it a 9/10 because the detail is amazing with plenty of rooms to spare but the only issue is the underground garage was covered in grass during the process of being built but it was easy to fix all of the items were there I just had to manually add in the basement area myself which isn’t a hard job at all. If you’re trying to make a hotel to rent to people for high amounts of money the highest class rooms are the second highest floor, and the room on top of the building (the highest point of the building). Enjoy your build.

So, what gamepasses are needed for this?

no large pot?

Can we have the paintings ID?

Bruh, I was building it and the building just stopped at 5800/6000 PROGRESS I HAVE TO EARN MY MONEY BACK AGAIN AND TRY AGAIN :(((((

What gamepasses do you have and what gamepasses did it require

Got banned for this build

How do you Make a Roblox Bloxburg Id