[Bloxburg] Futuristic Mansion

Futuristic Mansion

Created By: GhostPotency#2126 (392953042154160143)
Base ID: 5ff08d86574579b98d55f08e
Cost: $1,103,952


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Cost - $1,107,917
Bloxbux - Over 4000
Gamepasses - All Passes
Fully Furnished
I made this following a YT tutorial, added an extra 600k worth of stuff

have built this, very nice mansion, fully furnished, very big 9/10 just because theres only an elevator instead of stairs but very nice!

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This is godly i love it!

it doesnt finish loading for me

Some one on fiverr selling the exact same house and its the same image. making a profit using alpha x.

Ikr same its annoying

Do you need advanched placement or can i do it without it?

Soo is it Really necessary yo have blockbux or is it fine wihout??

When it tell’s you it’s complete it’s really not. You have to stay in build mode for a while until if fully finishes.

How did it load for you because when i try it, it does not load for me and btw im using krnl and people have done it with krnl. My problem is that when i try to load it, it goes like a couple more seconds it stops and it does not load anymore and just tells me its finish and tells me how much i have wasted

sorry mate autobuild is broken

Hey can you send me the discord server invite my username on discord is NotThe1#9708

u dont need it cuz it just does advanced without the gamepass but the rest sadly yes

I know what I will spend 1.6 m on

It’s amazing, there was of course some things I had to change and fixes, but I would give this a 9/10
I have had lots of ppl come to me and tell me how beautiful this house is so yeah it’s amazing.

just built this but 1 thing i had to change is the elevator height otherwise i recommend this 9/10

i was building this then stuff just stopped placing the walls werent event done

do i need to have bloxbux just to finnish the whole build?

Works 8/10 without bloxbux perfect for design and pretty big for roleplay over all really nice

alr thx i might build it