[Bloxburg] Giant sexy castle (converted)

Giant sexy castle (converted)

Created By: carcass#6176 (762685379857743933)
Cost $1,792,619
Base ID: 5f9b56f0fcc3d9f53bf5870f


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saw this castle, thought i had to convert it. it’s a little on the expensive side (reasonably) but like enjoy

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Hi! Does this caste require any bloxbux?

Have build this - can confirm it is fully furnished and a fantastic build.

Hi yes it does.

no its not.

So is it fully furnished or not?

it isnt, it has some furniture but most of it is empty. only the outside is done

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Each floor is furnished, the outside is also furnished, below is how it loaded in for me.

how many rooms does it have?

does it need basement?

nope, i built it before and didnt spend a thing

why cant i go down in the basement!?!?!? it has grass covering the basment stairs and it wont let me do anything

anyone got a updated ID for this?

holy shit, thats cool

Is that really in Bloxburg? If then its cool. Its so realistic and in real life there is no this type of castle. You are a insane builder. keep building like this…:slightly_smiling_face:

i built it and its cool but to laggy for the game and it didnt add the basement part

i really like it but i might delete it cause the lag

It build itself into the ground

do you know what gamepasses i neeed