[Bloxburg] Hogwarts - About 2,025,277

Hogwarts - About 2,025,277.

Created By: Alive#8899 (746355745070776450)
Cost $1,265,184
Base ID: 5f9c4c76e65ffb43129687f0

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Big hogwarts, needs all gamepasses.

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 04:06:18 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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I rate this a 6/10. I had to delete A LOT of misplaced pillars, and random fences inside of the doors. There were also spots with extreme lighting, which was too bright, If you dont want to delete a lot of things, I dont recommend

can i build the other one which is 500k can you try load it pls my krnl is not working

that one is even worse

can you send the real picture

of the 1m one

i deleted it its bad

kiro you need to rejoin/reload your plot. thats something autobuild does and you can fix it by doing that.

Still won’t work, and, the autobuild freezes after around 4.5k? Idrk.

does the interior done?