[Bloxburg] Hogwarts


Created By: Alive#8899 (746355745070776450)
Base ID: 5f9c4c76e65ffb43129687f0
Cost: $1,265,184

4214219135002e7e8e2bb10c35adbafaf8276e14.jpg (26.9 KB)

Obviously all gamepasses, and large plot most important. The Price might be wrong, I do not know if it’s finished or not because I get reports. Please tell me if there is a problem with it. (DM’s allways open)

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 03:34:39 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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Have this done, would definetely reccomend.

is this house furnished?

Not fully. But decoration is still amazing, the outside is amazing aswell.

Can u add me in roblox? I want to have a visit.

I built this. Doesn’t look the same as the picture.