[Bloxburg] huge mansion

huge mansion

Created By: kuki (dead)#7122 (739627446680158290)
Base ID: 5fe123c342f85ff8e7dbe84f
Cost: $1,266,117


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advanced placement, multiple floors, large plot, idk

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Have built this - looks good, is fully furnished.

what dose it have inside could u send me some pics on discord

Smhh kid, You copied my mansion frl. It’s one of my oldest mansions when my building wasn’t that good at decorating, It was a Rebuild of a Beverly hills mansion. Could’ve just asked me

its very blank.

but does give cozy feeling

I have this built, It is super good for roleplays, Fully furnished and it has a strip club built on the side of the mountain super good 10/10 Recommend

i dont see the strip club

Kay. you have claimed that you built a lot of houses on this website. Your lying, stop and get some help.

i dont see the strip club

strip club in on another edition of this built, by another user!