[Bloxburg] Huge Winter Designed Mansion / Price : 513,039

Huge Winter Designed Mansion / Price : 513,039

Created By: DeathNote#0001 (462051713789067284)
Base ID: 5fe1320e0fc98016e8f5687a
Cost: $513,039


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It’s a HUGE Winter Mansion / Game Passes : Multiple Story , Basement.

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 03:43:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Base ID Highlight

nice build and fully decorated pretty big and a jeep with a snowmobile nothing is wrong with it 10/10

will u build it for me

really good house recommend nothing bugged just alot of pics but 10/10 really good

would u auto build for me?

ill help but for a price

do u still wanna do it? i think i been dm u

I can build this for you for $10USD

Its ok nty…

I can try building it for you for free. Add me in discord if you have it ofc: РŁΔǤỮ€#8543

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yeah an ty i added you.