[Bloxburg] Luxurious Modern Industrial Mansion Fully Furnished

Luxurious Modern Industrial Mansion Fully Furnished

Created By: ⁀➷gray#0001 (430200835927179273)
Base ID: 60714781b2307b8b94d504e4
Cost: $679,354


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Multiple Floors, Advanced Placement, Blockbux, etc.

Delete this post, this is my friend’s house, and you guys randomly copied it.

Thats sucks

For you


Well guess what he copied it too


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You can still build it if wished, I just dont want him to see that random people copied his house, and see his face like :montenegro what the fuck:?

I suspended this base id

What if the person who built it used the script, wouldn’t it make it viable to keep it on?

No, just this current id. He can save a new one if he needs to.

its on fucking youtube? And also these builds come from other people iswell?

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Wrong, this house was made by me and my friend Clox 2 years ago

You sure? Bloxburg: Mansion Warm House (No Large Plot) || House Build - YouTube


Lol he got exsposed

omg ur so dumb u got this house suspended and it wasnt ur friends ur friend auto built it u moron

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the build was on youtube it wasnt his build

Seems like we should un-suspend it?


yeah i dont feel like copying a whole yt video