[Bloxburg] Luxurious Modern mansion

Luxurious Modern mansion

Created By: pepeJAM#0173 (859408869255938048)
Base ID: 60f25162a815a68ab59501e7
Cost: $611,895


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Cost: 600K+ ( with the car ) Bloxbux: Yes but not needed if you don’t want the bike. Important Note: There are 2 traps that lead to cursed rooms, one at the front of the door and one in the corner of the garage just to kidnap them children yk yk? :wink:

Don’t make this house. There’s no windows then you can’t get to the upstairs and also you can’t enter the house without falling in the trap! The windows are broken+elevator. Other wise then that if you have the time to fix it it’s beautiful and well decorated!! 6 out of 10