[Bloxburg] Massive Modern Hotel

Massive Modern Hotel

Created By: YourDailyValkryie#4900 (785293220963549194)
Base ID: 5fdfc267f126482f5d0ea53e
Cost: $692,838

base.jpg (46.6 KB)

All gamepasses needed, fully furniured, and done.

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 03:25:44 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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there is not stairs

what about a elevator?

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yeah theres an elevator you just have to make it longer, i have this loaded in rn and its a very decent build

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I higly recomend this hotel you will have to make the elevator taller tho

highly recommend this for people who want a super good hotel, but you must increase the elevator height.

is it worth the money?