[Bloxburg] Mega British-Themed pALACE

Mega British-Themed pALACE

Created By: Bloxburg House Hunter (GMT+8)#0909 (745534021861244931)
Cost $1,786,803
Base ID: 5fca3fc156bf20e2c14ab13f


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all gamepasses required except basement

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 07:11:45 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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tysm!! it looks soo cool but the interior didnt load :confused:

could u auto build for me

i could, but dfor 200k in roblox moneye

The sides are not detailed of the Palace, and u cant detail it bc its directly on the end of the plot. So if want to build need to know that u can’t use the plains for it on the sides. Right and left.