[Bloxburg] Mega Mansion Modesto Heights by Prismatized (All gamepasses and about 2,5 Million)

A really huge mansion by Prismatized

Mansion pic:

Video: https://youtu.be/HSlZzCzzA_M

Money Required: 2,413.006
All gamepasses required

Cost $2,413,056
Base ID: 6024149e5692b60260d96112
Cost $2,413,006
Base ID: 602414b1bdb8e428f2dcc2d9

dammmmmmmmmm thats nice

There are 2 base IDs, could you tell me what’s the difference and which one to use? Thanks in advance-

they are both the same. just different ID’s

Since Alpha X removed there auto build can I follow you into the game so I can copy the id for Bloxburg Epic Thing and upload it there.

hii can I please join your game to copy the id since alpha X removed auto build please and tyy

they did? auto build is still there for me

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ok thx imma try it out

anyone know if this works?

is this fully furnished?


Definitely making this B)

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is it fully furnished??

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it is fully furnished

Yes this house is fully furnished

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I autobuilded it,its so nice, but the floor has a problem and thats it i like it alot

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how much blockbux do u need

Can you build montilla mansion by him.?

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could you get the EL amoconcio id also

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there is a $50 difference so something is missin in the bottom id