[Bloxburg] Mini Montilla Residence. (Rarest ID.)

Mini Montilla Residence. (Rarest ID.)

Created By: damaging#3802 (882340559254089838)
Base ID: 6146b1153da4a3d3b9130529
Cost: $487,939

1d.PNG (339 KB)

This build is the exact replica of the famous Montillna Residence by Prismitized. But perfectly MINI! It is awesome for Roleplays. ID: 6146b1153da4a3d3b9130529 Gamepasses: Multiple Floors and advanced placement.

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looks good maybe i will try to build this

i built it its true its real.

i cant find a good executor. can u recommend T T

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try KRNL idk

Amazing build, price is correct, 30 minutes to build, not laggy at all for all users, 2 minute finish time. No large plot, advanced placing and multiple stories gamepass, requires basemess pass from what I know. 10/10

Try Synapse x thats good but it may cost u like 20 bucks i use synapse my mom let me buy it i love roblox so yea and synapse is 20 bucks btw

I use Vedrox Hub and the Base ID doesnt work. Is there a new one or something?

Can you add my discord and send the base id for me? That one doesnt work. Here is my Discord. SyncWhy#3144