[Bloxburg] Modern 2 Story Mansion

Modern 2 Story Mansion

Created By: Official Eric#0666 (638484351301976084)
Base ID: 5fe51635cd832bc596400e8a
Cost: $164,483


(63.9 KB)

Modern Mansion!
I think its done!

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Base ID Highlight

This House Is Beatiful

Btw he didint mention you just need multiple floors pass

is it furnished?

Yeah it is it has 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms you can remove the stairs and add a elevator

Im Wondering How do i build this with the ID?

yeah you put the id into the id thing

hacks eegwrhgwh

Learn To Spell Kid

the second floor seems to be broken with rooms without roofs?

yep i just replaced it
and made an if but got removed idk why

*id but got removed idk why

Nice base mind if I view it in game?

whats the username ?