[Bloxburg] Modern Hotel With Fully Interior And Pool

Modern Hotel With Fully Interior And Pool.

Created By: simp#2163 (638359074185936926)
Base ID: 5fe26e3dc295df6347a98b7b
Cost: $1,071,337


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Its a real modern hotel!

With 10 Rooms, 2 luxe, 3 big and 5 small rooms, a spa, a restaurant and a roof restaurant/bar. It also includes a nice pool with smoothie stand. Next to the pool theres a parking lot with 3 vehicles.

The following gamepasses are required: Basement, Large plot, Advanced Placement, Multiple Floors.

Price: 1 081 400

Migrations applied on Sunday, 01/03/2021, 03:40:41 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

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im currently building the hotel so ill let yall know if anything didnt build and stuff itll be done in 45 minutes

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was it good?

it’s nice but has some lighting problems

Hey can you please by any chance put the ids for the pictures

chupala perro