[Bloxburg] Montilla residence (FULLY FINISHED)

Montilla residence (FULLY FINISHED)

Created By: urmum#1578 (736394456517050378)
Base ID: 5fb8ba79f39f8f524607370f
Cost: $541,858


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My bad I put the wrong ID 🥲

u sure this fully furnish? 3rd ad 4th floor looks empty

do we put in bottom or top id?

im going to attempt this, hope it’s good…

this is the wrong id. dont bother lol

u use the bottom or the top id?

Yo hey dio I was checking this house does it actually cost 500k only

top is mini version bottom is normal version

lmao they are both the same

You did the top one?

I’ll tell you if the mini mansion is good! I’m guessing it has no furniture.

Do u have a free autobuild?

is it just me or does it stop on the counters while autobuilding the 3.5 mil one

does anyone have a script for an autobuild that actually works for me?