[Bloxburg] Mountain Mansion (REQUEST)

some1 got an id for this?

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Thanks! I built it today


Hi! Can you please add me on Roblox? I want to build this but I’ll check how it looks like first.

Hi! Can I please add you on Roblox to check the build?

Sure its Vixsune

Added! Mine’s krvistin, I’ll join you.

nevermind please join me instead :’)

i’ll be on for a while, so you can just join me and private message me in game once you’re online

Sure! its LiamDizz

What gamepass needed?

Bedrooms : - 3
Bathroom :- 3
Gym :
Baby Rooms : -
Garage : -
Price: - 258k
Gamepass used :Advanced//mutiple floor

could u build for me?

That id dosent work anymore you have to put in the new type of id.