[Bloxburg] my kinda unfinished house

my kinda unfinished house

Created By: walmart#6303 (461701285025153024)
Base ID: 5fe59567305d287e7f375f4d
Cost: $1,275,768


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base has no basments has multiple floors and i think thats it but its also like an office and a house

As i understand i need atleast big plot and Multiple floors… Do i need any other gamepasses bc i have advanced placing…

this is most def not yours, it belongs to a person by the username CaptainAndyV. please dont take credit for something you didnt make

the original build had a bike that costs blockbux as the only transportation outside the gate, but since you have no blockbux and theres no bike, its obviously not yours. plus you added a snow mobile and a ice skating rink

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why do u care?