[Bloxburg] Rocky Mountain Modern Mansion! (Insane)

Rocky Mountain Modern Mansion! (Insane)

Created By: Y3#3333 (751785008095690789)
Base ID: 5ff82e0b14fdef34c5bf59f0
Cost: $389,397


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All gamepasses to be sure of an excellent load.

is the house fully furnished?

is load base working for u

and from what i see it is

i can see chairs

when i built it half of the house was not furnished. idk if it was my wifi or it just was not complete

is it fully furnished or no

Do you have gamepasses? (Not using free gamepasses script)

I have all game passes as well and this did not load all the way for me. I always reload the game just to make sure it’s loaded all the way but it did not help.

Fuck fuck fuck.

click bait

This house is not done and not fully furnished, Do not buy it unless you feel like doing a bunch of renovations.

for all this is the fully build plot [Bloxburg] Big mansion akl gamepasses exept basement

No it was my house that the copied and tried to finish it