[Bloxburg] Rustic lake mega mansion

Rustic lake mega mansion

Created By: Griml#0004 (722706158300823582)
Base ID: 6107504566342cbb7f854d89
Cost: $912,712


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Cost 920k built by me all gamepasses but basement like around 300 bloxbux, took me 4 days so enjoy it noobs

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im building it now ill tell u how it turns out guys

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How did it go?

recomended its really realistic and super good for rp ((bloxbucks needed if u want everything)

would anyone autobuild for me? pls

is it furnished?

Yes it is but the one thing it misses in the build is a stove
in the kitchen everythin else is good 2 cars plus bike but the thing is alot of people jump over the fence thats broken so u have to fix it

How did it go