[Bloxburg] sexy industrial mansion

sexy industrial mansion

Created By: carcass#6176 (762685379857743933)
Cost $864,198
Base ID: 5f9b6286fcc3d9f53bf58727


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this is my best find, holy shit get a load of this masterpiece. it’s COMPLETELY furnished too.

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are those event tress or something?

Activate your windows lol.

how many rooms?

Why doesnt it fully load in any build??

auto bulid is broken rn

when will it be fixed?

need what gamepass?

it cost 1600 bloxburg, itta been great if you said that, but it’s alright it’s loading and it’s pretty nice not gonna lie.

4/10, not fully furnished, i built it fully with blockbux.

nice strip club inside

is this real

bro this thing epic

what passes