[Bloxburg] Straight up party palace

Straight up party palace.

Created By: Paindamonium#6764 (151240626384535552)
Base ID: 6002508c640504a4a1aefa03
Cost: $1,328,707


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I took this house and made it my own. Added about 500k to make it awesome
ALL Gamepasses!
Bar/ Nightclub/ Strip Club with pool table’s into the mountain with office above.
13K’ish Blockbux if you want the 6 car’s and waterfall’s etc. I made it a big spender house but well worth it.
Full size greenhouse.
There is a top floor cookout/patio area decked out with nice hot tub.
Both a pond and a pool. Pond has hidden underwater motion activated doorway for possible future renovations. Pond also has a hidden ladder access going up to secret mountaintop diving board and slide.

does it have any bedrooms

kinda cool but you theres not a lot of decoration 7/10

You have got to be kidding me, This house is beyond awesome, sorry it’s not good enough for you and your little fwends to play housie. That kind of comment is ridiculous, it’s really easy if YOU think it doesn’t have enough decorations how do YOU fix it? Add more maybe?

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3 Bedrooms, 2 bath on the second floor. Give it a try it is ready to live in.

mate im just saying you didnt take the time to put a remote on a table for example, or a alarm clock on a night stand. Just some basic details

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best place i’ve ever lived in. this place has amazing details and enough room to add the things i want to add. 10/10 even without blockbux

def not worth 1.3mil

u think he/she is gonna put the smallest of details thats the part when you do it