[Bloxburg] Very detailed mansion *FINISHED*

Very detailed mansion FINISHED

Created By: CradIe3#1111 (466085027994927115)
Cost $279,428
Base ID: 5fcc8b51d6084cb70ff230c2


(127 KB)

I dont know what gamepasses but it looks like this house is finished

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lol you look like a stalker

house is real nice decorated one thing the floor is glitchy but it’s a easy fix this is a 9/10

lol i just noticed this is from a speed build for “JustineEarly”

Is this good for roleplay?

I added things to this one and then got banned :sweat_smile:

Here’s the code: 6014c95550cfcc95b6c22d5b

Price: 950k +

Game passes: multiple floors and basements

the whole fucking top room is missing

if your thinking what gamepasses you need, you need “multiple floors” and “advance placement”

that is a different code