[Bloxburg] White House

White House

Created By: Bloxburg House Hunter#0909 (745534021861244931)
Cost $2,023,170
Base ID: 5fc783bf7ec3ea06f99b13e7


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All gamepasses required

Funny af man, I dresssed up as trump and got like 20 bodyguards on a neighborhood and we raided the entire server with this White House lol. Got banned on my main but I bought all the gampasses on my secondary just so I can do this again lol


How much it cost?

I hate how much money it is, but it is still super good!

2M+ money and bloxbucks: 6000

Migrations applied on Monday, 02/08/2021, 11:18:41 AM (Pacific Standard Time)

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Is the interior done, is it nice?